Discover Some of the Best Brazilian Fruit

Brazil is one of the countries that are blessed with rich natural resources and bountiful agriculture industry. In fact, the country is one of the leading producers of fresh fruits in the world and each Brazilian fruit is known in every corner of the world.

Being a largely tropical country, no wonder why Brazil has some of the world best-tasting and mouthwatering fruits that people from all over the world love. But on top of the Brazil?s reputation in worldwide fruit exportation, the locals are the number one patrons of its abundant food source.

According to some estimates, there are more than 300 different types of fruits that can be found in the country. Some of which are endemic or native to Brazil or in the Amazon rainforest.

Each household in the country consumes a large amount of Brazilian fruit every day. Thus, contributing to the growing demand of fresh fruit. Domestically, Brazilians alone are among the leading consumers of fresh fruits globally making the fruit industry in the country as one of the leading sectors in agriculture.

Some of the Leading Fruits in Brazil


GuaranaGuaranas are sweet, juicy, and berrylike fruit that are very abundant all over Brazil. Originally from the Amazon rainforest, the Guarana is a reddish fruit used for several purposes including as juice. It is also among the leading flavoring for soda-based drinks both in Brazil and in the world. Just like caffeine, this fruit has a stimulating property, which makes it as a good alternative for people who are allergic to caffeine.

 Cashews (Caju)

cajuCashews are among the premium types of nuts that are being produced in Brazil. Aside from its nuts, which is a high-grade and export quality nut, its fruit is being harvested in making juice.


PineappleContrary to common belief, pineapples originate in Brazil and not in Hawaii. In fact, Brazil is one of the leading producers and exporters of premium grade pineapples in the world. The pineapple was originally native to South America and was later brought to other continents during the past decades.


 Guava (Goiaba)

guavaAnother common fruit that can be seen anywhere in Brazil is Guava. It is a soft when ripe and whitish or pinkish to reddish in some varieties. This fruit is rich in vital nutrients and minerals, especially Vitamins A, B, and C. It is being cultivated for many purposes such as candies, juice, and even pasta variety. Guava is also one of the favorite fruits of Brazilian children as it can be easily found in almost every corner of the countryside.


OrangesJust like Pineapples, Oranges are among the leading agricultural products of Brazil. In fact, the majority of the world?s Orange supply is from Brazil. Whether fresh or processed, Brazil?s oranges are in good and export quality, making it among the favorite varieties of Orange traders worldwide.

These are just a few of Brazil?s fruits that both locals and global consumers love. Whether native fruits of those that are introduced in the Brazilian lands, fruits grown in Brazil are indeed in good quality and some of the world?s best tasting fruit. So if you?re a fruit lover or a trader, you will surely love Brazil from North to South.

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